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About us

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VerriBelGlass (VBG) is a Belgian non-profit Association founded in March 2009 whose purpose is to promote the appreciation and development of contemporary Glass Art in Belgium and beyond. Its members are glass addicts and glass artists from all glass disciplines joined around a common creative project which is centered on information, education and exchange.


VerriBelGlass‘ objectives are:


  • To inform the general public about the art and various techniques of glass through demonstrations, on-site events, exhibitions and education
  • To educate and introduce students to the art and techniques of contemporary glass by offering workshops and classes at all levels
  • To facilitate communication among all people interested in and involved with Glass by exchanging competences and knowledge, using all available mediums.
  • To create a pluri-lingual Belgian Glass platform, promoting craft and art in Glass all the same, and representing all Glass techniques, hot and cold



VerriBelGlass offers glassblowing animations


We answer your specific questions (architects, designers, electricians, etc.).


VerriBelGlass organises initiations in glass techniques for children and adults


VerriBelGlass offers different glass oriented workshops

What do we offer?


Become a member and take part in an adventure called contemporary glass


VerriBelGlass participates in exhibitions around contemporary glass.

Become a member

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If you want to support our non-profit organization, there are different options:


- Register as a member

- Make a donation

- Participate in our activities (animations, expositions, …)


Every individual or legal entity can become a member. The membership fee is 30 Euro per year.


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