Addi Ryckaert

Addi Ryckaert

I encountered glass , as an artistic medium almost by accident .

While attending courses I soon discovered the many possiblitties of this splendid medium .While glass is already for a very long time known by man,it is only in modern times that it rapidly changed from a regular used material to a contempory artistic medium.

Working glass is a challenge. Not only because it takes a lot of “ technical knowledge “ to move your idea into reality.But also because of the many techniques and possibilities.My main source of inspiration is found in the many natural and archtectural forms around us. But only replicating these is not satisfactory enough for me.

There is a need to add some “ man made “ elements into my works. These elements can find their origin in foreign cultural and architecural forms. A personal addition to nature. Colour or transparancy is not always a must. Capturing light and releasing it again is a fascinating caracteristique of this medium.

Glass generates a lot of joy and beauty while mastering it techniques.


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