The association VerriBelGlass, association of Belgian glass makers, is looking for interns and volunteers to promote its activities around glass in Belgium and neighboring countries.

The association VERRIBELGLASS regularly seeks interns for communication, marketing, advertising, translation, computer science and computer graphics that are ready for their first professional steps in clubs in Belgium. During your internship your motivation and originality will be called on to increase the awareness of our association.

There is currently little known about glass and its techniques in Belgium. This is why our audiovisual information made available to the public to increase the knowledge. Every project or idea for the realization of this is very welcome during your internship! Know that these results will often be used to promote the glass art by professionals and enthusiasts.

Internship Period: minimum 3 weeks.

Contact us for more information: info@verribelglass.be

° Interns in communication:

We are looking for people who want to explore new channels of communication (video, TV, Internet, displays, ...) and who are familiar with  creating  a marketing approach. It concerns the creation of written documents (brochures, flyers, websites, etc) / video / audio .

to represent the association VerriBelGlass, organizing promotional activities and represent our association at various events.

o Interns computer graphics:

We wish to find very creative people for the layout and illustration of our promotional materials (brochures, banners, t-shirts and posters) and our website (good knowledge of CSS / HTML ess) and for creating a professional booth for VerriBelGlass at fairs.

oIT Interns:

It involves creating a website for smartphone, creating a search engine, to manage the website and the creation of new computer tools to improve interactivity on the website. It is desirable to have Javascript and MYSQL knowledge.

o Interns translators:

Our association is built on equality of languages. We want to format/translate documents into English, French, Dutch and German. The trainee should therefore be able to translate our brochures and informatio into the national languages + English.

o Interns Political Science / lawyers:

Lobbying in the European institutions. Preparing dossiers to meet procurement of international institutions (Europe, UN, etc).

We offer you as a first professional experience in enriching the community life of the glass arts and techniques world, as well as an immersion in contemporary creation. During your internship, there is the possibility to craft your own glass and meet international glass artists.

Your internship will take place in Namur, Overijse or Lier. If you execute this internship as part of your studies, we provide a training agreement with your school. We also commit ourselves to work closely with the school of the student. If you are looking for accommodation, we can support you with advice herein.

Duration of internship: minimum 3 weeks

For more information, contact us:  info@verribelglass.be