Glass show – Glassblowing

To promote and develop modern glass in Belgium, VerriBelGlass offers all sorts of demonstrations with the Mobile Glass Studio which is mobile and can be installed in many locations.


In the margin of cultural activities of events, VerriBelGlass offers a unique animation where the public can actively participate.

We offer glassblowing demonstrations and give technical information (French/Dutch/German/English) while you discover the unique characteristics and plasticity of hot glass.

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Decoration of glass for children and adults


Inform the young public and show her the incredible possibilities of glass is an integral part of our mission within the Association.

Our mobile including also of furnaces, enamelling and slumping. From the age of 8, you can understand and create through the glass of the original objects, incorporate colors and combine effects. The result takes only a few minutes...



Through animations cultural or event, the A.S.B.L VERRIBELGLASS offers a unique and completely interactive animation with the public. We offer each directly create its personal drawing even glass. This table will be then "cooked" in our oven before you. Glass distorted by heat, also married the shape of the media on which it is placed, revealing a surprising result at the end of the process.



VERRIBELGLASS deals with the establishment and equipment.


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