Pieter Van Dyck


Van Dyck

Independent Artist, Board Member of Verribelglass, in charge of design and architectural projects

Since young age Pieter was fascinated by the flame and liquid glass of his grandfather, master glassblower Dieter DORNHEIM (lampwork techniquess). More then 10 years after grandfather Dornheim died , Pieter pickeud his tools and started experimenting, heavily supported by the remaining grandparents who all put their passion for glass into practice. In the Institute for Arts and Crafts in Mechelen he changed lampworking for blowpipe techniques and became known for blowing big bubbles. After his teacher and close friend Roel Lambert was worked out by the head of the department, the school lost all credibillity and Pieter continued his learning by working with collegues, doing workshops and travelling along with the mobile glass studio from Patrick Van Tillborgh.

The originals works are reflections about his own life. He searches collabarations with designers and architects because he loves to a large variaty of works and is open for any challenge.

DOK66, St-Bartholomeustraat 66, 2170 Antwerpen zaterdag: 14h-17h

Atelier-Galerie Dieter DORNHEIM te Wijnegem, enkel op afspraak Other galleries and dealerships

email: pyrotechnicaglass@gmail.com