Janhein Van Stiphout



1956, Tilburg (NL)

JanHein van Stiphout is a trained sculptor. Being the son of a traditional stained glass artist, glass always was and still is ‘his’ material. His concept based work takes the inherent properties of glass such as resilience, flexibility and fragility to the extreme.

Besides his work as an autonomous glass artist he is also an instructor in glass techniques and organizes classes and lectures about innovative glass techniques and design in the Netherlands and abroad.

Pyramid Gallery York (GB - 2015) / IFoG Stourbridge (GB – 2012 en 2015); Zwieseler Glastage Zwiesel (D - 2016); Ernsting Stiftung Glasmuseum Alter Hof Herding Coesfeld-Lette (D - 2017) / Galerie Welti Düsseldorf (D – 2015, 2016, 2017) / Glass Festival Luxemburg (2011, 2015 en 2017).

Utrechtsestraat 10 – 5038 EL  Tilburg NL



0135356186 / 0620449435